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In 2009, co-author Leah Harper was faced with the same dilemma as most students: she had to figure out how she was going to pay for the private University that was her first-choice school- but over $40,000 per year. After receiving scholarship and fellowship awards that would cover the bulk of her college degree, she went on to receive a full funding package to attend Georgetown University, and then full funding at the University of Pennsylvania. The total amount of scholarship money?


Now, she and her husband, Jerome Harper, are sharing how to navigate college scholarships, fellowships, and internships to help high school students win scholarship money, and college students solidify purpose and vision as they transition to careers as young professionals. College coaching is all about providing the information that most students don't have access to- from two young professionals who navigated jobs, work study, grants, conferences, and everything in between to graduate successfully. 

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