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How To "Win" With a Low GPA

Securing opportunities with a low grade point average can seem like a huge, and maybe even impossible task. Everything about college is supposed to hinge on you GPA, right? Well we're here to tell you that simply isn't true. While getting good grades, and fighting for a higher GPA is yours has fallen, is important, it is not the only factor that can impact your ability to secure internships, fellowships, or job opportunities. Let's get into what you'll need below:

1. Evaluate Your Strengths - Do you have viable leadership experience on campus? Have you worked with an organization to increase its membership or funding? Leverage those experiences to sell to a potential internship or job. Yes, your GPA is low, but look at the actual work you have been doing. Make sure to highlight those experiences on your resume, in a your cover letter, and in the interview.

2. Make Use of Your Network - A good letter of recommendation or reference can go a long way. Make use of the relationships you have with professors or former supervisors (of a relevant internship) that support your strengths.

3. Be Honest About the "How" and "Why" - Be honest with anyone who asks you about a low GPA - in a professional manner. You should assume the question will be asked and be prepared with an answer that acknowledges your mistakes, what you are doing to fix the problem, and what you have learned since.

4. Perfect Your Resume - If you haven't already, find a resume template that catches the reader's attention. Visit your career center or ask to see a friend's resume- of course who has already had some success. Use the template as a standard for your own resume.

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