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5 Science Fellowships You Should Apply For Today

Updated: Jan 13, 2020

We strongly believe in encouraging students to find and secure fellowships while in college. Not only do fellowships give you experience (providing you with something that competitors for graduate school or jobs may not have), but they also help to professionalize you as well. What does that mean? You lean how to speak at conferences, engage with mentors, prepare for interviews for graduate school, etc. The best part though? These fellowships we have listed below are paid!!

Check these out and share with anyone you think may be interested!

  • Yale BioMed Amgen Scholars Program - Yale University (DUE 2/3) Payment: $4,125 and travel costs, food and housing covered

  • Drexel Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship - Drexel University (DUE 2/10) Payment: $3,000

  • Undergraduate Clinical Research Internship Program | Vanderbilt Summer Science Academy | Vanderbilt (DUE: 2/1) Payment: $1,500

  • Harvard University Summer Honors Undergraduate Research Program: (DUE 2/1) Payment: $$$$$

  • Johns Hopkins University Summer Fellowship: (DUE 2/1) Payment $3,000 with travel costs, food and housing covered

All resources were found on the Association of Medical Colleges website (

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