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How to "Win" at Career Fairs

What do NASCAR, Oracle, And Target all have in common? They are three of the corporations that offered recent UNC-Chapel Hill graduate, Will, jobs after meeting him at a career fair. Today, Will is sharing four keys for success that he learned to “win” at career fairs with #dwyct. Enjoy, and leave below any tips of tricks you have for career fair success.

1. Present yourself professionally - This is what I like to call an "easy layup," but we all know that layups are often missed. Not only do you want to be sure to wear a classic black or navy suit, but you should also be prepared to present the best version of your professional self in every conversation with a potential employer

2. Prepare a few questions to ask the company representative. Awkward silences are, well, awkward. Prepare a few questions to help you get over any nerves and to show that you are interested in the company.

3. Set a goal for yourself and follow through. An example of this would be to say to yourself, "I'm not leaving until I have three interviews set up or five very serious leads."

4. Research! If you have a list of companies that will be at the career fair ahead of time, research the ones that peak your interest. Showing that you’ve done a bit of research can help you stand out from the crowd.

5. That being said, don't skip over those companies that you know you're not interested in. Speaking or interviewing with those companies will offer you interview practice and can be used to leverage wage negotiations.

6. Perfect your resume. Reach out to any friends who have already graduated and ask to see their resume. William reached out to a friend who works at Deloitte. He was able to edit and streamline his resume. You could also check with your Career Center for sample resumes.

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